Melonium .357

I started this thing a long time ago, mostly for testing viewmodels. See that viewmodel in the screenshot? I didn’t use any custom model, it’s all Lua powered. :science:
So yeah, and I eventually got back to it and decided to add fancy effects for shits and giggles, and since I think it looks pretty cool now, I thought I’d release it so you guys can have some fun as well.

It’s a really simple weapon actually, all it does is shoot bouncy melons. Here’s the twist though, every time you kill an enemy with it, it will epicly explode into tasty juice and melon bits. A bigger enemy will produce a bigger explosion, the two best candidates for blowing everything up are the Hunter and the Antlion Guard. Just make sure to stay away from those when you’re about to fire the last shot, because it kinda hurts.
Additionally, an exploding enemy might drop one or two entire melons that you can eat for 20 HP. Those are clearly visible, you’ll immediately see them when they appear.

You have two firemodes available, switch between them using secondary fire. The current firemode is clearly visible thanks to the small lamp placed on the gun.
Green firemode, the default one, shoots an entire melon which bounces pretty well off walls, and breaks as soon as it hits an enemy. It deals massive damage, and guarantees a juicy explosion on every kill you get.
Red firemode is what you can call the “buckshot mode”, instead of shooting an entire melon, it breaks it into smaller pieces, and launches everything at once. This is useful if you want to hit and weaken several foes at once, but it doesn’t always guarantee an explosion, and melon chunks don’t bounce as well as an entire melon.

That’s pretty much everything about it, now have fun making some mini nukes with Antlion Guards. :v:

There’s absolutely no words to describe the epicness of this thing

For a first swep that is damned epic!

The first SWEP thing was a joke, I’ll probably remove it because apparently some people are taking it seriously. :v:


Is it still as epic, even though I made countless SWEPs before but never released them separately? :ohdear: That’s like my first SWEP release since last year.

Yes, this SWEP is epic, even if it isn’t your first.

So, is anyone trying it? Especially on multiplayer, since I didn’t really try it much on a listen server. I don’t really expect this to be used by everyone, as SWEPs don’t really have any point outside of a gamemode dedicated to them, but it’s still fun to blow each other up.

The damage is possibly too high, since it always one-hits players, even when they are fully buffed at 150 HP, so I’ll probably need to lower it a little. And maybe make the explosions larger and deadlier, since right now, exploding antlion guards aren’t such a threat. It does even less damage than a grenade.

Man, works very well.
Help:in what frequence the health melons appear?


Wow, this is amazing, you got my download! :smiley:

Killburn, really great SWEP here with your contribution your really inspiring people to release more stuff like this. Stuff that screams GMOD! This is what we need to really keep this mod alive!

You can’t make this shit up.

Dear Mister _Kilburn,

Please accept the global amount of babies Facepunch has to offer.

Keep up the good work, though.

Heck yeah, glad you guys like it. :dance:
I’ll probably make other guns similar to this one, based on classic GMod props (babies, cones, cinderblocks, propane cans and such), I just need to find an interesting and funny concept for them.

make a baby that shoots ak47’s and makes my graphics better with lua plz

Maybe not an AK47 because that would require CS:S, but that’s actually quite a brilliant idea. Will do and see how it turns out.


Whoops, forgot to reply to this. Health melons will never drop from small NPCs such as headcrabs and birds, and medium NPCs have a 30% chance to drop one on death. As for hunters and antlion guards, they have a 50% chance to drop one melon, 20% to drop two melons, and 5% to drop three melons. Basically, a 75% probability to get at least one melon.

Make something creative like the melons, right ? there are a lot of baby sweps already.

anyway… downloaded it and it’s great, simple, lightweight, creative and good-looking.
but it doesn’t kill striders, perhaps some sticky firemode or piercing melon ?

Make a .357 that shoots bananas.

I saw my brother playing with this last night - awesome job. I love all the little details you put into it.

I never thought c_models would be so awesome… I want your knowledge :3:

Thats a first!

Ill download this and try it out.