Melted Brains effect in Gimp

Okay how would I create this effect: Melted brains dripping from someone’s head (His head has been put on a warm stove plate). I need help, please.

There are many ways, but I’d do it with clever use of the selection tools, Dodge/Burn, Brush, filling bucket and maybe some filter tricks.

Can you show me exactly how?

Maybe take some referance images of brains also, dont just draw one in imagination

I’ve searched, I have not found any melted brains (Not the kind I want)

I mean, normal brains. then put a few filters on them

I found this tutorial:

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just kidding. you could probably make a temporary layer that has a ‘liquefied brain’ outline and then take a picture of a brain and just slowly fill that in, then fix up the obvious lines with a bit of smudging and blurring(or replacement)

then add some textures(preferably one with a little gloss, or you can do it yourself), and it should look like dripping, liquefied brain. mmmm.

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