Members of a gang about to execute an opposing gang member

And a little bonus.

Why is everyone doing the weird shoulders?!

We’re not very manly in the future I guess.

Execution by being shot in the tailbone… nice.


I didn’t know Daft Punk were in a gang.

I like the posing on the guy on the left in the Daft Punk gang.

Nooo! Who will make the kickass music now?!

Good idea, but the lighting is fucked up.

I had no idea bloocobalt was in a rough techno street gang.

Also, pose those shoulders, man.

Nice Idea!

@ the second pic, heh a nazi helping a communist really? They hated each other. They were only allied so hitler didn’t have to fight a war on each side of germany after that he betrayed them. And even if something like the screen shot played out I think insted of him dying in the germans arms he’d be standing there going “meh”.

There’s a picture somewhere of an SS soldier treating a Russian soldier’s wounds. I’ll see if I can dig it up. Everybody can show compassion, regardless of affiliation.

Personally, I like the pose.

hands on the guy about to be executed look too calm, as well as the nazi, his hand doesn’t look like he’s signalling for his friend to come over, it looks like he’s raising his hand to answer a question. besides that the editing is alright

ya forgot abot that aspect I was talking more politically.

Posing is good, only thing I don’t like is the smoothing on the helmet models. Just nitpicking.

Bonus looks great. Nice work on these!

Soldiers are people too. :pseudo: