Meme Addon( Need help with list )

Considering this is facepunch, first of all:

I could not think of a proper thread name, besides this, that made sense.
This is not a release( I could make a seperate addon but this one i am making now, won’t work for sandbox )
This is in the correct section, considering i’m creating a addon based on the list i am requesting.
I know that the majority of facepunch users, love and use memes 24/7. I expect to be trolled, if you’re gonna post shit, i’m just not going to reply to you.

What I’m doing:

I’m creating something for a addon that kicks users that use Meme’s more than once, they’re annoying, and generally just cause trouble for administrators( I don’t care for your suggestions, but your opinions are good.).
If they use the same meme twice within a particular time zone, it kicks them from the server.

Purpose of me posting this:

I don’t keep up to date on the huge list of memes, so what I want from all of you is to tell me every well known meme so i can add it. The script checks for particular phrases, so don’t give me one that people might say in a normal sentence( give it to me anyway i suppose i’ll see ).

You may think this is dumb, I don’t really care, but your opinions can help? I guess.

Anyway, thanks.

cool story bro






I dunno really :confused:

i don’t consider rofl or NONONO a meme

Damn it, I thought this was an addon that spammed random memes around the map, and players had to go find them.

Just go on Google, search ‘meme’, and just C+P everything there.

Take a step outside of fast threads/lmao pics and realize that this is entirely wrong.



this is a really bad idea and I hope nobody ever runs this on a server

you’re probably one of those people that use a meme in every sentence lol.


welcome to fp and no, those are allowed.

herp derp

fak u, dolan, gooby

Memes are stupid.

Please add this “I use to be __________ but then i took an arrow to the knee” it has become so annoying

I would never play on a server running this. Memes are a part of the everyday internet life. Although they can sometimes be annoying, they are inevitable.
Internet without memes is like a car without sounds - something crucial is missing.

Any phrase that starts with the word ‘le’.

This thread is full of cancer.

Okay, I take it, you all hate memes.
Thing is, no matter how well you code this addon, there are too many memes and too many ways to circumvent some chat blocker. Since memes also grow on trees, you will have to update the addon alot.

Yes, because obviously dead jokes being stripped of all context and meaning in order to allow them to reach as large a market as possible was an integral part of the internet-browsing experience back in the elitist days of its early years.