Meme NPC/SNPC requests.

  1. Mudkips.

Chooses a random NPC or Player on the map and follows it around playing the “Mud-kip” sounds. Could just be a headcrab colored blue, with the scripting necessary?

2.Long Cat

Could act like a poison headcrab, but doesn’t attack unless attacked.

  1. Candlejack

Even though you wouldn’t even need a model because the idea is:
Every time someone says “Candlejack” in chat when NPC is still spawned/alive, he gets roped to the ground. If it is said at least 5 times in a minute, could it play the sound effect “I’m going to need more rope!”


Follows a Random player or NPC (Could you possibly set all NPC’s alignment to “Fear”?), randomly teleporting to places and eventually killing it after 5 minutes unless undone.

  1. Shoop da whoop

Fires his laser. Possibly Hostile and friendly versions please?

  1. Troll


(The face)
Attacks everyone, does no damage until you attack back, then becomes near-invincible and starts doing damage.

  1. Awesome Smiley

Flies around and heals people/npcs.


Works like Mudkips.

  1. lukeywes1234

Everybody but combine/metrocops are on his side, and when he dies everyone attacks the NPC/Player that killed him.


Is not a meme, have no idea what you could do here.