Memento vita

A spin off memento mori, with a lighter note.

Now, I’d appreciate not getting slaughtered on this one, my excuse being I rarely pose. This is like the second time I’ve actually properly attempted. Well, slaughter me if you feel like it, just don’t mention the model. I know it’s low-rez and not exactly great. It’s this fella’.

The materials for the models are a little pixely, to get over that you might scoot the camera back a little.
Other then that it’s really nice to look at.

His mask looks… awkward.

Thanks, I know the model is pretty low-rez. But I refuse to scoot the camera, I want to achieve bringing the expression, or rather the lack of, forward in this picture, and I feel you loose that ‘emotion’ having a larger crop.

Pretty neat lighting.

lightning, angle, model choose, atmosphere, wow

Attempt to retexture with various grungy and fitting textures you can normally find in a source game.
You can achieve this with overlays

I attempted to do it over yours as an example, if you do it good enough you can shit out urbanator like pictures.

By the way you really mastered dark photos, its a really good start since you can become Joazzz.

Yay pigeon! :3 Cool lighting.

Sorry to say it mate, but I’m going to stick with clean poses without a drillion texture overlays. I’m never going to make a grungy image. But thanks either way.

thats cool, just a suggested technique for a slight advancement in texturing over isolated images.

Sure, appreciate that. It’s still constructive criticism in some shape or form, which I still want.