Memes and Toybox

So I play gmod and like using single player, but you know what brings my piss to a boil?
“Epic Vuvuzela SWEP”
And any other thing that is a meme.

Nothing is epic these days, anything is classifed epic by anyone which is stupid since epic is a strong word and normally refers to the greatness in something, now all you got to do to achieve this is make something 10 year olds can laugh too, like pedobear, lolwut, awesome face etc.

I understand that some of these scripts or whatever took time (like none of them did), that’s great and all but they’re un-needed.

Half of you will disagree because your the typical faggot that enjoys this kind of shit.

So garry will you please do something about this shit.

PS. I’m not “mad” and stop fucking using xD everywhere, honestly.

I agree with the whole meme removal thing. Too many memes are like AIDS. Once they infect a site, it’s pretty much impossible to get off, while the site slowly dies. Garry, please cure ToyBox’s AIDS.

Agreed, no one finds this shit funny unless it’s on YTMND.

10 year olds do.

Which is where 10-year olds go.

The site is already dying, there are still decent stuff but it’s being filled with 10 second scripts, thankfully garry took down the radio ents so he’s doing his best to clean the website up which is good.

Just keep the z0r player.

Honestly, I’ll have to admit that I love that one. Though, it was the first to have a screen to work like that, so I think it deserves to stay.

They should get rid of the fucking bouncy entities too.

This man speak da truff.

I facepalmed hard when I saw that trollface thing there. Yeah I agree.

I don’t see anything wrong with the vuvuzela swep and the trollface prop. There’s nothing wrong with a couple of harmless memes. If you don’t like it, just rate the script bad and move along.

I think we should worry about is the garbage comments, 5 second radio sents/sweps, and stolen work.

I find this post funny because a community I went to had this anti-meme campaign that they called “War on AIDS”, and they pretty much used your same metaphor.

On topic, I agree partially.
Stuff that took effort to do (Dr. Hax NPC for example) should stay on while talentless shit (such as the 5-second edits of stuff) should be removed.

Dr. Hax is a meme?

Kinda-sorta, he has his own Know-Your-Meme page.

You know what, script approval moderation would fix the problem from the roots. You just need a guy with a decent sense of what’s appropriate to stand there and approve the decent stuff only.

I agree

When i go on toybox i always see shit like gm_fortlongcat filled with old forced memes

I got my hard work pushed off of the front page because of some stupid NPC spawners. And those env_ things. It’s not fun. :frowning:

My weapon was the .38 special.

“hard” work?

Env_ things are well coded, they must stay.