Memory could not be "read" error

I get this error almost every single time when I play zombie survival servers:

My Specs:

Dell Inspiron 530
Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU
E4500 @ 2.20GHz
2.19 GHz, 2.00 GB of RAM
Physical Address Extension.

My SVNs:

Wire Mod
Adv. Dupe

My Addons:

Renamon 2009
CSS Realistic Weapons 4.0
Tactical Weapons Pack All-In-One
Tactical Weapons Pack Kill Icons
Hoverboard STool
lara p-model [FIX]
Halo 1 spartans
Stacker STool

Does anyone know the problem?

You might have downloaded too much stuff.
I used to have the problem constantly until I deleted some things.
But if it is only happening on zombie survival servers I don’t know.
Delete some things that take up alot of memory that you don’t use anymore and see what happens.

That’s not the amount of addons that fucks your game up… Anyway; I sometimes get it, when the game lag’s extremely.

Like if I look directly at a minge nuke, that happens, if I don’t use a short term fix and I shoot that, very rarely this happens and more commonly my computer BSODS.

Alright, I deleted some addons and I still get the errors. So it’s definitely not the addons. I was playing again later last week and I was told that the founder of the zombie survival gamemode, (JetBoom), was aware of this error. Does anyone have solid proof to show he is?

He is. Try playing a server that is based on V1.1 and not V2.0

A list of such servers:

Stoned Potatoes

Ones that aren’t:

NoXious (Obviously)

If playing those servers doesn’t stop the problem, upgrading to Windows 7 is the only known fix.

This error is the main reason that I am developing from v1.1 (KillaZS) rather than 2.0 - as it affects everyone using Windows XP.

I kept on getting this error. Backup your addons since it isn’t them and what I did was delete my gmod or whatever was crashing. Only do this if nothing else works though.

This happens to me alot. Still don’t know why.

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\ur username here\garrysmod\garrysmod\cache\dua delete ur shit in there and (i do mean EVERYTHING IN THAT FOLDER) then it might work

are you using vista. cause 2gd of ram wont do the job for that. you may have to go with 4+ gd

I’m not running Vista, I’m running Windows XP.