"Memory could not be read" error

I got on Garry’s Mod earlier today and it started crashing unusually, giving me “The memory could not be “read”.” error. I first tried simply restarting my computer, didn’t help. I then tried deleting everything but my maps and addons folder, also didn’t help. I then tried completely reinstalling Garry’s Mod and that also did not solve my problem.

This is the exact error:

Garry’s Mod: hl2.exe - Application Error

The instruction at “0x111e1857” referenced memory at “0x0c73939c”. The memory could not be “read”.

Click on OK to terminate the program


Every time it has crashed it has always been instruction 0x111e1857.

Since it is a memory type of error it makes me wonder if my ram is going bad, but none of my other games, windows, or other programs have this problem. I have also tried simply reseating my ram, made no difference.

This just started happening earlier today. All I have on here is my steam games, UT3, Firefox, Nero, and Skype.

Here are my hardware specs:

Intel q6600 2.4ghz
2GB DDR2 800 Mhz Corsair XMS2
Gigabyte N650 SLI DS4L
Nvidia 8600GT 256MB GDDR3 16xPCI-E
Windows XP Pro SP3

I’m getting the same thing. Ever since the new update it’s been bashing the Memory usage like a mental 6 year old.

HL2 takes about 200 k while Gmod is taking 300/500 k +.

It should not be trying to take more memory than it can get.


AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3400+ 2.21 GHz
1.5 GB ram
Nvidia Geforce 7100 le 512 MB PCI-E
Windows XP Pro sp2

Well I hope it is because of the update, I’d hate to have to buy new ram and then it not fix the problem.

“every process is assigned it’s own virtual memory map and it’s only allowed to use certain regions of it. simply put, the programmer was probably lazy with a calculation of sorts and it tried to read where there was no data or beyond the bounds of a buffer, that sort of thing. OXF816AFF8 is well beyond the program’s normal bounds of virtual memory. it exists for that program but the program isn’t allowed to directly access it because it’s the ‘kernel mode’ portion which is where windows does stuff. i wouldn’t worry about it being a system wide problem unless many applications start giving the exact same message all the time.”

This is somthing someone said from another website relating to a similar problem just not exactly like this one. This kinda helped me understand mreo of whats going on and im guessing its eather an addon problem or garrysmod problem. Anyone that has this error post your addons and stuff and whatever addons that everone has should be removed from your addons folder then tested and see if you get the error anymore if that doesn’t work then move on to the next one. If that doesnt wokr then its a Garrysmod issue so therefore we can all blame garry for i have seen this error being posted alot

i know this is really late but i get that too but only when i change a video setting how do i fix

I have the Same Problem,
i have

-RD2.1 (Resource Distribution)
-assmod (administration)
-Portal SENTs Addon
-Life Support 2
-HPMP (Halo Player models)
-Portal Turret

then the ones it came with


it was working fine
and then i tried to connect to an internet game
it downloaded all but one lua file
and then it froze up
(i could still use the mouse)

so i brought up the task manager and closed GMod
and i tried to restart it and it gave me that error,



i tried it without all the addons
(i even took the day-of-defeat and derma ones out just in case)
and i still got the error
so it isnt any of my addons,

because of the wonderful thing that is steam
even if You delete every file in the Gmod folder
it will replace it with fresh default ones when You start the game.

so I’m going to try deleting a folder at a time to find out if any of them got messed up.

Edit Again:

I tried reinstalling GMod and that didn’t work
and i also tried turning off the Steam In Game thing,
( i read it in a tech guy forum but it didn’t work)
Ive tried reinstalling all of my steam source games
(Team Fortress 2 and Portal)
along with GMod

Edit again:

Okay it is not anything to do with anything i have changed or downloaded

i deleted every folder and left it empty

started GMod and it created every folder fresh

it still has the error

so it is the programming,

so what now…?

(( I am posting everything i do in this one post so if anyone reads this forum all of my information is in one spot and not cluttered through the forum ))

I’m having the same problem.

Joined a server, game crashed, can’t play anymore.

I’ve been looking it up on google for a while and i still cant find anything,

Yeah, I’m having the same problem, it’s really bumming me out i can’t play gmod, I’d really like to know when somebody fixes this, I’d be forever grateful.

Just started getting this problem myself. Gmod 10 was working fine yesterday then all the sudden today I shut it down and when I came back later to restart it I started getting the memory problem. Now I can’t run it at all.

Please do this, if the file is not there, Create it yourself, if the map is not there, create it yourself.

Go to your C:\Program Files\steam\steamapps\Username\garrysmod\garrysmod \cfg
There you will find a file called Content.txt , open that file with notepad/wordpad.
and remove all the text inside it, and replace it with this.


That didn’t work either, least not for me.

try download gcfscape
open your garrymod cfg file located at steam/steamapps
and extract all the files straightly into your steam/steamapps/username/garrysmod folder.
try that.

No don’t do that.

Do you mean to open the garrysmod content.gcf file? And don’t do that lol? I still have no idea what to do.

None of it has helped me so far,

okay mine is working again… I have no idea why though,
i did everything and it wasnt working
then i went to eat and watch a movie
and came back
and it worked…

Your guess is as good as mine,
You have the list of everything i did
maybe something specific i did


Still happening for me :frowning: I’d really like to know why, could it be because of the video settings?

Googled like crazy to solve this problem, yet no fix has occured. Just pointless spamming of -dxlevel and that non-working Team Fortress 2 content.txt disabling. It just started yesterday, everything worked fine before that.

EDIT: I guess I’ll just wait 4 hours or something… God this is stupid.

mine works fine i just instead of deleting the whole line of code in the thread above i just changed mount 1 to 0 and mine works fine as far as i can tell but i cant use wire secondary functions

That still doesn’t work for me.

EDIT: I still get the problem, hell I even uninstalled TF2 completely.