Memory could not be written

okay, I am new to steam just downloaded steam, bought garrysmod and team fortress 2, garrys mod just finished downloading and tf2 is downloading still. I Launch Garry’s mod and it goes to the loading screen, says something about character renders at the bottom, and a few seconds later I get this message

(the instruction at “0x00010103” referenced memory at “0x09e51484” the memory could not be written" click OK to terminate the program"

what’s going on here and how do I fix it??


note: it says creating render targets, then the message pops up :confused: any ideas?


I am guessing this is Garry’s mod 10, just downloaded, all the updates since it auto updates, what should I do, thoughts, Ideas, an actual fix?


TF2 is fully downloaded, garrys mod does not work, still getting the same message

Have You Restarted steam? If that dosent work launch TF2 once and it might work

I’ve restarted everything including steam my computer etc…
tf2 freezes and goes unresponsive when loading servers.

Odd that it freezes but you just have to start it not play it have you tried gmod again?

PC specs please

Whoever rated Soul dumb is dumb themselves, this could be a specification problem.

I’m not sure, I contacted Valve and sent them my computer specs, and told them the problem, I am planning on upgrading my RAM which is currently .99 gb, even though the minimum specs is like 512 RAM, also I have a toshiba laptop with a built in graphics card, I think that needs to be upgraded too, what do you suggest

Spec list please

idk even how to find what built in graphics card I have

Win+R -> dxdiag.exe

There are tabs with info there. Screenshot System and Display tabs.

Then upload them to

Im not even sure that’ll fix it since Im still having the same problem with my TF2 even though I did most of the stuff in that link

yea i had thet problem with the HL2 so all i did is reinstaled my widws and it started working fine meybe you get thet crash coz your windows is all trashed up!
by the way when was te last time you reinstaled it???
(if you install lots of programs then delet them or download lots of stuff you beter reinstal windows et least once per year)

Have you played TF2, because if you havent taht could be why

Not playing TF2 will not cause any issues whatsoever, besides from being unable to mount TF2 content.

But he hasn’t played any source game yet, so it might work.

Not necciseraly. If you have Gmod you have to have started at least one match on teh steam game you want e.g. a round of counterstrike or it will not work

okay guys this is my system info, ideas?

Try running TF2 once and then run Gmod again

He’s playing on a laptop, I’m betting his GPU can’t handle it.

Try adding -dxlevel 80 into the advanced start options. These can be found after right clicking on your game.