Memory error when rendering in Super DoF

GMod or hl2.exe keeps crashing when I attempt to render using Super DoF. I get an error reading ‘The instruction at “0x13db638d” referenced memory at “0x0RRRb018” [the RRR being three different numbers every time]. The memory could not be “read”.’

I have tried everything suggested by the Steam support pages for GMod, especially checking to make sure I don’t have any programs in the background chewing up memory, but this keeps happening. If anyone has any ideas as to how this can be fixed, I’d be profoundly grateful.

Have you defragged and verified the integrity of your game cache?

Yep. And I think I’ve done so for every Valve game I’ve got… Can’t hurt to double check, though. Team Fortress 2 has also been acting kind of funny, although it at least hasn’t crashed.

Update: Nope. Still getting errors in Super DoF.

I think I read somewhere that Super DoF is currently broken, unfortunately. :frown:

Crap. Do they know what the problem is? Some of the TF2 ragdolls have been acting kind of funky ever since the Engie update went through… I wonder if the two problems are related.

Edit – more specifically, I have the can’t-facepose-the-Engineer problem that so many other people have talked about. Has anyone figured that one out yet?