Memory goes up to 100% after a few seconds when launching

so i recently installed 2 addon collections, then gmod decides it wants to work for a day then try and kill my computer the next day, i open gmod, i wait for it to load, 2 seconds then my memory on task manager goes up to 100%, i try everything to close gmod but i always have to turn my computer off with the power button then back on again,

extra information: i cant switch to any tabs or ctrl alt del or anything like that, i can only move my mouse very slowly.

i have reshade for gmod (shaders)
the mod collections : Steam Workshop::Realism Mods

edit: i fixed it with -heapsize 4194304

Abusive installation of some resource-intensive addons can make your computer slow down, especially if it isn’t really “powerful”. By the way, if you are limited in memory, you can switch to the 64-bit development branch so that your game can allocate more memory.