Memory Leak caused by models?


Is it possible, that models cause memory leak?

Some months ago a friend recompiled the (CSS) Knife to add some custom skins (not in GMod, in CSS), which I then put on a server. The problem was, that after some time (completely random I believe) things would turn invisible: Props, Players, Weapons, etc.
Back then I thought it was caused by my script, that I screwed up there.

So now he recompiled the CSGO P250 so I could add skins, this time for Garry’s Mod. And now the same problem occurs again, things would turn invisible. By doing some research and running the game with -dev I found out, that it starts with an overflow of CUtlLinkedList.

So either, I’m too stupid to code in both cases, or is there the possibility that the model is somehow wrongly compiled?
(I’m aware of the CUtlLinkedList error caused by not cleaning up ParticleEmitters properly - I’m certain that’s not the case.)


If your computer is leaking memory due to weapon models, your computer might not be able to handle Garry’s Mod.

Just saying.

Zotac GTX 760 OC,
Intel i5 4770k Haswell,
8GB Ram

That’s not the issue anyway. And if you read my first post, you’d know that I put it on a server - Everyone has this issue.

I’m sorrry to bump this, but I really need help here. I have, really, no idea. I’m, as I said in the first post, very sure it’s not because of my scripts (and not because of ParticleEmitters either).

Really need your help :confused:
Can there be something wrong with the way it was decompiled or recompiled?