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MemoryRP | SCPRP | SeriousRP

Are you one of the people still interested in SCPRP? Or SCPRP that is within the limits of Garry’s mod? Well we think that you should give us a chance. Throughout out time there has been multiple SCPRP communities out there, such as TeamFrench, InfinityGaming and Werewolf Gaming, who were all huge servers, HOWEVER we do not believe they reach the limits of how we have done!

MemoryRP is not a defaultly known SCPRP, no we run this as if it was real(SeriousRP). Now don’t get discouraged as it makes us sound like Non-Chalant people, we are well aware people have a need for fun, and there will be lots of space for that!

This means there’s protocols, procedures and paperworks to get done to do specific things, including handbooks and guides, and also there is no P2W, donators wont get access to SCP’s cause they donated, there’s no custom roles, almost all is Whitelist based and thoroughly overwatched!

The server is curently still under development, however we are working our hardest to make everything amazing for y’all!


Class-D is the first Role anybody who joins the server will be, therefor we decided that, it would have the priority of where the fun would be aimed at, so here belpw is just some things! There will be more along the way!

  • A way of creating side stuff, such as growing drugs to have something to do, and earn some side cash.
  • Canteen that will be actively possible to walk around in, and gather food.
  • Civil jobs that most people can take, such as Janitor and Technician.
  • Facility functions more like a High Security prison, rather than a secret facility where Class-D’s are forced to stay in one single small area
  • Proper care for Class-D’s, meaning it would be appreciated not to see Class-D’s constantly die.
  • Medical health professionals to help Class D’s

Server Features

  • Lots of Job opportunities(More to come at later date hopefully)
  • Realistic Systems
  • Whitelist based server(Jobs needing whitelist, and not a rank or levels)
  • Lots of side gigs
  • Awesome map(rp_zone_tsade_v1f_us)
  • Non-Whitelisted jobs for Class-D’s and/or newer people/players!
  • Disease Mod(There’s over 70’s diseases with treatments!)
  • Lots of SCP Jobs
  • Lots of Non-playable/Entity based NPC’s

Document example of realistic document;

Extra Information

There will be more pictures and updates a little later off on the discord, even better than what I have supplied here, and especially cause we are about to get a load of extra cool stuff, so this means hold on your hats and glasses and join us before we even open up, and be the first ones to join a new and epic proper experience in the Garry’s mod SCPRP Universe!

We are starting to gain a bit of members, we are also looking for people who can take certain positions for certain jobs! You will have maximum power if you become the chief of the certain jobs! What you say goes… To a reasonable extent!