Men at war. Operation Overlord.

Thread worthy?


It would look like 1000 times better without that filter and with some decent edits.

But I love the posing. But you should work on the faceposing. Most of the faces look like they want to say “meh, another bloodbath”.

I appreciate how you managed to make the scene less empty. But I can clearly see this empty map. You can use the custom maps from mod “Resistance and Liberation”, they are really good looking.

I will give you an artistic, because it’s really good, but you should put a little moe work and I would give you a winner.

Thanks for feedback. It is second time when I try to make a scene with a lot of people.


Everything looks serious, but this made me laugh.

You should try using rnl_omaha next time.


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It works in Gmod, you just have to copy the models and materials over, if you haven’t already done so.

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Still, admirable image! Have an artistic!

Good posing and good use of filters on overall.