Men into Machines


i trieded

i am well aware of the bandage looking like shit, dunno what the hell i was doing with it

Love them all,

But this guy looks like he wants to eat your soul.

Makes sure every hand is fingerposed next time. It looks really sloppy if you leave half of them unposed.

Everyone loooves posing a bunch of russians, smoking on tanks.

0/10, no vodka

give him a beret and he’s ready to remove kebab

No, he needs an accordion and Serbian nationality too. You can’t just pop on a beret, remove all expression from one’s face, and claim to be ready to strike against the evil Bosnian kebab magic.

As for the actual pictures themselves, they’re all nice. The bandage looks a bit iffy, as you said, and the fact it’s in the foreground makes it hard to ignore, but that’s a minor fault.