men of war assaulat sqaud 2 models

anyone have any good ww2 models for this game? or good skins?

I just got the game while it was on sale. I still haven’t played much of it yet but so far it looks like everything in here would be in Company of Heroes 2 as well. Despite still being RTS quality, it’s certainly much higher in CoH 2 than Men of War.

Not necessarily. MOW AS2 has some pretty damn unique models that you won’t find anywhere else.

Isn’t the game also compatible with Source models? I remember a thread where one guy submitted a bunch of shots of the game with mods using the .mdl format like HL and any of the models ported to Source like Halo, Mass Effect, etc.

I been looking for different models to play with in men of war like company of heroes or halo 4 anyone have these they can share?

I would love to have the field artillery(AT guns, howitzers, and ETC) more than anything else.

[is there no one that has any new ww2 infantry models for this game?