Mengeance TTT (Indev)

Server Rating while in development can be viewed at the link below.

***We want to hear from the community, leave suggestions and ideas in the comments below!***

*Mengeance TTT* is bringing a new type of TTT to the community, we will be introducing a job system to the server which will consist of jobs such as Heavy Assault and Recon. In the future I will have more information on this new idea. We strive to keep the community together our admins will always be there to assist players as seen fit.

We will be introducing newly textured weapons to give the server a futuristic look and feel. We will also be trying our hardest to bring custom maps exclusive just to our server!

Website; ***Under Construction***

Donator information -

We will be adding the player models / weapons every one to two weeks!

***Donator Ranks;***

**Tier One** - $5

[Donator] (Aqua Blue Text) tag
5,000 Points

**Tier Two** - $10
[Donator] (Red) tag
15,000 points

**Tier Three **- $25
Custom tag - 7 characters
25,000 points

**Tier Four** - $50
Custom Tag - 12 characters (Any color)
35,000 points.

**Tier Five** - $75
Custom Tag - 15 characters (Any Color)
45,000 points
Custom added gun.

**Tier Six** - $100
Custom Tag - 18 characters (Any color)
55,000 points
Custom added gun.
Custom player model just for you.

**Tier Seven** - $125
Custom Tag - Unlimited characters to a reasonable amount. ( Any Color)
70,000 points
Two Custom added guns.
Custom player model just for you.
You get to voice your opinion on which map we post upon the server!
Spectator mode available.
Able to use ‘spray’
Ability to kick rule breaking players, if caught abused this privilege will be revoked.

***Cancellations and Refunds***

***All fees and charges paid by you in relation to the Service are nonrefundable, except as required by law or as otherwise stated herein. You may contact Belyn for a full refund within 10 days of an initial upgrade purchase or within 45 days of a subsequent yearly payment. To request a refund as described herein go to for more details. Applicable local law may vary this policy. Please contact Belyn Support for details. ***

(User was permabanned for this post ("Joined to advertise" - verynicelady))

What a bargain

Makes an account specifically to advertise…

Le spammy spam spam

Also, your server offers nothing intresting, your donator perks are ridiculously over priced and not well thought out, you mention nothing unique to your server or even what you’ve got on it other than TTT and ridiculous donator perks.

Seems more like a donation advertisement than anything else.

Adding a shit ton of player models that nobody is going to want to spend 3 hours downloading. heh.