Mental hospital + Infected= Bad idea.

Gun looks odd for some reason. Looked fine when i took it.

How the fuck is he holding the pistol?

I think it would be better without the hand as the posing is a little strange, other than it’s pretty epic.

Makes me think of a film called Insanitarium.

Fingerposing. Do it.

It is finger posed. That’s why I said the hand looks strange

Then its just shit posing.

It’s not fingerposed well then. Looks like you didn’t bother to pose the thumb at all and therefore he isn’t griping the weapon at all.

I kinda figured people would hate the finger posing/hand. That’s why i saved. Too bad the save got corrupted. So i remade it, with no hand.

You forgot fixing the graphics.

I usually do, but for some reason, when i do on this map, the colors spaz out, the walls turn different colors.

I count 9 zombies posed (badly), not much of a challenge there is it for the old Left 4 Dead pistol


Also before i’m completely done with my poses i adv_duplicate them, never save poses as the ragdolls stick and when you try to move them they go all wierd and shit

I don’t get this. I’ve read tons of excuses why people can’t up their AA and AF. Either the computer is too slow, or “it won’t let me hurr” or even “the colors spaz out, the walls turn different colors”.

I’m guessing people are just lazy. :downs: