Mental Miracle

Gave posing/editing another go, but I think I overdid the editing. Anyway I was inspired by a image I saw a while ago. Forgot the name though D:. Tried making the eyes red, but failed. Anyway give my some hints and tips if you feel like it.

Contrast. Contrast. :gonk:

Cool idea, though.

I see what you’re trying to do I think. To be honest, the effect itself isn’t too great, but the idea is expandable. Hence Psy-Cops.

Thats the one I got inspiration of. And how can I improve the effect. All I did now was pen around it and then stroke it with some blending options.

I figured as much. You just have to mess with the sliders a bit. I’m not too sure the specifics right here and now.

Outer Glow:
Opacity 100
Noise 0
Spread 25(variable per picture)
Size 250 (variable per picture)
Range 57 (I think variable per picture)
Jitter 0

Inner Glow:
Opacity 100
Noise 0
Choke 0
Size 43 (variable per picture)
Range 23
Jitter 0

At least that’s what the .PSD says.