Mentor Needed

Hello, I am looking for a mentor to help me out with coding. I’d really like to step up my game a little bit and get a good grasp on Lua. I am far from being a “coder” but I’m at the point now where I know enough to get myself in trouble =D. I start coding and hit a wall 10 minutes into it every time, its usually pretty minor stuff but its a hassle to make forum posts for the smallest things every 10 minutes. Well if you could be kind enough to be my mentor I would appreciate it more then you can imagine!

If you are interested please let me know and I will pm you my steam info.

-Thanks guys!

What things are you trying to code?

I am working on a gamemode at the moment, I would really love to finish it one of these days. The gamemode won’t really take a whole lot of coding to make so it’s not like its a unreachable goal for a amateur coder.

To Do:

  • Code the round structure, it will be similar to cs.
  • Finish coding block types, 70% done I need the gamemode to finish the rest.
  • Finish block placer, essentially a prop/block placer. my coded block entities
  • Make it save the location of the spawned blocks. So every time you load the map the blocks you placed will be there.


  • Block Placer GUI.
  • Velocity meter/customization GUI.
  • Round/Time HUD.
  • 70% of the blocks.
  • Team selection HUD.

Now I am sure I coded these GUI’s like an asshole, will redo them one of these days.