Menu Background Images Needed

Yep i’m crowdsourcing menu images again because i can’t pose for shit.

This time i need images for this.

Here are things that can be in images:

  • Metropolice
  • The Stalker (aka the charred corpse playermodel with its alpha set to 10).
  • Bloody gibs

In particular i was looking for one image of the stalker standing in the middle of a room, and then a handful of other action shots. Any attempts are welcome, and with your consent these images will be used as a menu background in Gmod13.

give it a week and you will never have to worry about the lack of good background pictures again

Wait didn’t you already ask for something like this, and also randomly rated people dumb in several threads?

idk there are a lot of dumb people on these forums, how am i to keep track of them all

but yes i did make a thread before and i got about 4 or 5 good submissions, if i can match that in this thread then we’re golden