Menu background map, worth a look

Yes, I know that there is problems with the lighting and brushwork, but this was mainly a test to hone my I/O skills.
There is a .vmf in the download to give people some examples on how I did the camera system, spawning, npc movement, and all of that.

C&C would be appreciated!

Fraps>WMM>Youtube sort of messed up the video quality.

Wait until processing is over, or you will be stunstick’d by Santa.

Comes with .bsp, .vmf, and required music file.

Here, have some hammer screens.

I’m willing to help people with all of their machinima-related needs, too.

I now understand.

This is pretty cool.

Pretty neat. Could use a 3D skybox and better texturing though.

Soldier with breen model walks through trigger, trigger causes cops to move to their positions, prop cops walk in, the music plays a little bit then they all go raging into the audience.
After Breen and the cops kill all of the citizens, a group of rebels kill them, and after they die the doors to the zombie containers break and there is a never-ending battle.

Alot of these steps have many of steps within them.

Oh, and by the way this is designed as my SMOD:Outbreak background map.

That’s awesome.

Very good.
Touch it up, faceposing, better textures. you could get a-

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Hehe… That’s creative.

didnt read. give me boxes

I do not think a facepalm image is big enough to fit this quote.

I have mapping fever again guys, throw something at me.

(Something that has a sequence of events)

Umm…Let’s have some story-like stuff…Citizens in apartment, metrocops go in, beat-beat-beat, rebels bust out of inner room, pew pew, Overwatch busts in, pew pew, zombies drop from upper floor, pew pew?

Would be entertaining to see.

I lol’d.

Why do people think it’s funny?

Is it because Breen is kicking some major ass?

I actually really like the lighting. :dance:

As for a new sequence to do? My suggestion is to have a herd of antlions majestically galloping about. They are then hunted by a pack of hick citizens.

I was watching a nature documentary earlier as nothing was on TV, sorry. xD

Good idea actually…

Nice peaceful music, antlions walking about, and then the music switches to heavy metal and citizens start coming in jeeps and running them all over.

Do it. Now.

Don’t forget an Antlion Guard to come in and save the day.

did he send you a porn webside? O.o

That was it.

That sounds awesome! Hope you post the result if you do it. :smiley: