Menu Environment DoString/RunString?

I made a quick module that let me do this, but I can’t do it anymore. Any alternatives than me using a module?


Something like this.

Lua()->CheckType(1 , GLua::TYPE_STRING);


Unless **[G.CompileString](** works. I don’t think it does in the menu environment.

I meant there wasnt a runstring/dostring in the menu env, and my module worked. I guess ill try compilestring or just remake my module


Yeah compilestring isnt in menu environment :\ Makes debugging harder. Can you compile that for me, or are you busy, if your busy ill just get vc++

Compiling one now.

Thanks, just reformatted my computer

[lua]#undef _UNICODE
#include <windows.h>
#include “GMLuaModule.h”

GMOD_MODULE(Init , ShutDown);


Lua()->CheckType(1 , GLua::TYPE_STRING);
Lua()->RunString("" , “” , Lua()->GetString(1) , true , true);
return 0;

int Init(lua_State *L)
Lua()->SetGlobal(“RunString” , RunString);
return 0;

int ShutDown( lua_State *L )
return 0;


If it compiled fine, it should work. IT also looks right, so thanks.


Error loading module
system error 14001



No idea what that is.


Try this.

Use LuaMenu, includes RunString :smug:

That is why it works for me then.