Menu environment

As the title says i could use some help with menu environment, I just want to know how to create a basic derma menu there. Do anyone know how? Thanks :smile:

You need to include files to be run in the menu environment like this:
[lua]if MaxPlayers then return end

timer.Simple(0, function() for k, v in pairs( file.FindInLua( “menu/*.lua” ) ) do include( “menu/”…v ) end end)[/lua]

This should go in lua/vgui/any_name_here.lua.

Then in lua/menu/ you can put your Lua files to be run in the menu environment.


Than you create your derma as normal.

Thanks you so much :smile:


One question tho. How would i use **[G.CreateSound](** In the there? What should i use as the target when i cant use LocalPlayer()

I don’t think you can use that at all. You should use **[Surface.PlaySound](** instead.

Well thanks, but i really needed that other function to work :S Anyway Thanks