Menu music nowadays?

Anyone else tried to change the GMod 13 background music? I did it successfully in GMod 12 but now, after the SteamPipe, it doesn’t seem to work. It works in CSS, but the same file doesn’t in GMod? Is it another thing that is now, thanks to SteamPipe, broken? If it works for you then please tell me the exact folder and file format… And while I’m at that- Is there any possibility to stop the menu background rotation/zooming/swapping, to have only one, static BG, as in GM<=12?

For backgrounds, remove files in garrymod/backgrounds/
For music, why do you need music in your menu, you don’t spend more then 1 minute in it anyway.

I know the backgrounds, I was just curious about the music

Still no replies? Nobody can get a menu music into his GMod, or stop the menu backgrounds from rotating? Isn’t it possible to make an addon for that? I just want to know if it’s really impossible, or if at least the addon/tweaking possibility is real

You can edit the game files for this, but it is impossible otherwise, not even with addons.

And I am asking exactly for that, to know what files to edit, how and where. But wait… you probably mean it’s too hard and impossible, right? Well then I guess I can only post it as a suggestion, to add the menu music possibility back.

It’s not that hard. You can make it play ANY sound file by inserting appropriate code into any file in garrysmod/lua/menu/ lua file.

surface.PlaySound( “mysound.mp3” ) or RunConsoleCommand( “play”, “mysound.mp3” ) will play whatever sound you have put into garrysmod/sound/mysound.mp3.

MENU ERROR: lua/menu/mainmenu.lua:327: unexpected symbol near ‘or’

My menu is plain blue now, without any buttons, just nothing. That is the only thing related to this problem I found in console

OMG, use ONE of them, don’t copy everything, jeez.

Man never I coded in Lua, what do you expect? I thought it’s logical OR, not or…:suicide:

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Well it didn’t work, tried both methods. But I fixed it by putting “play mysound.mp3” in autoexec.cfg. Didn’t know that there is any play command. Anyways, thanks! Now I just need to figure out how to stop the menu backgrounds rotation/zoom effects, for my friend with slower computer