Menu "music"

Can you please change the menu music its horrible and sooo loud, i know alot of people think the same thing

please atleast allow us to lower the menu music volume, its extremelly obnoxious for me.

can’t you turn it off from the F2 menu?

The F2 menu audio settings don’t affect the music in the menu.

I too find it stupidly loud and obnoxious.

Guys, the music isn’t bad. Yeah, its kind of loud, but that doesn’t mean its bad. I think it brings the right kind of mood, and reminds me of the feeling Legacy had.

I agree with the volume options needing to control it, but please don’t remove it.

I think it too. The song is bored, pretty boring even, moreover, it starts to touch, then it ends and it begins again bring forth the beginning. Already below the sound of my box and I hope my game load silently

I you don’t like it, turn the sound down for the 2 seconds you’re in the main menu. Personally, I love it. Reminds me of the old days

^^ that and also , you know that thing called volume mixer, have you thought about using it