Menu Organizer/Categorizer

Basically I would love anyone who could help with this question.

Pretty much I’m asking for a simpler way to edit the categories for the content in my Q menu to make things easier to find.

If there’s already an easier way or an addon/program for this, I’d love to know, and please don’t tell me to edit every single file I’ve downloaded manually.

So you have made this thread to advertise your other thread?
Am i right?


No. I made this thread because this thread is an actual request rather than a question. I think it would be a good idea to have a way to organize the Q menu without having to edit each addon’s individual files.

Thanks again for not helping, at least you looked cool in the process.


And now my thread will die in a sea of other ignored threads?

At least your avatar fits?

thats comforting

For searching for stools let me advise my own addon:

And for organising stuff in the spawnmenu:

For categorising SWEPS … Absolutely no idea.

Well, you can always check how the spawn menu organize was made, and then try making your very own?

thanks ill have a look at those

wow what do i look like a rocket scientist

Never said that you did, but it shouldn’t be that hard if you can see how the tabbed prop spawn menu is made.