Menu State Lockdown Bypass

Obsolete next update.


:pseudo: indeed.

Some of this code looks similar to Chrisaster’s.

Yeah that’s right. Fight the system.

God forbid these updates are actually doing good things.

They are. The last one, not so much.


I found the bypass before Chrisaster, I had to leave for something, came back, he released his, I looked at his IFileSystem code, and basically moved over a part of it for efficiency. This is nothing more than another method tbh.

This module should become obsolete in the next update.

This always sounds like a really stupid game of hide-and-go-seek-the-next-way-to-get-around-the-latest-updates’-restrictions-on-the-API.

Give developers access to modify the game, or don’t. It legitimately gets to the point where if you want an addon to modify the game in a crucial way, you’re probably better off hacking it to work, rather than using the API itself, since it’s subject to change.

Just my two cents.

Sorry but this is not the LuaSource recruitment thread.

That was entirely unnecessary. It’s my opinion.