Menu too Bright and Brightness issues in-game

As the title says My menu is brighter than other valve games, and it’s causing come funky brightness issues in-game (Pictures below). I’ve determined it’s a directx problem. When I set launch options to -dxlevel 80 the weird brightness goes away, but everything looks crappy. Setting it to -dxlevel 90 has the same bright problem.

System Specs:
CPU-Intel Core i7
GPU-Nvidia Geforce 470
OS-Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate

Addons: None, fresh install
(Sorry for the crappy scrn shts)

well this could simple be fixed by adjusting your brightness options in the options menu to your liking. I had a similar problem after the last updates. Everything for me looked too dark so i just had to set my settings to what i liked. Good luck. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, I forgot to mention I’ve been messing with all the graphics settings. This happens on the lowest brightness setting. Maybe I just need to wait for the next update…