Menu wont pop up any more?

Ok so I went back to an old motd i was working on but i have no idea what i done but the menu wont pop up anymore when pressing f1.
heres my sv_init.lua in addonname/lua/autorun/server:




function MyMenu( ply ) --Start the function
    umsg.Start( "MyMenu", ply ) --Send the contents of "MyMenu" to the client
end --End the function
hook.Add("ShowSpare1", "MyHook", MyMenu) --Add the hook "ShowHelp" so it opens with F1


and my cl_motd.lua in addonname/lua/autorun/client:

local function MyMenu()
--lots of derma content
end --Net message function

	usermessage.Hook("MyMenu", MyMenu)
	//SetClipboardText( ply:SteamID() )

If you need to see specific things ill post them except i dont feel at this current stage although im planning to release the menu free i do not want to share all the code as of yet

  1. Use more unique names for hook name and file names. They can get overridden by other addons.
  2. Make sure none of your addons return a value from ShowSpare1 ( e.g. Make sure the code in MyMenu function is actually ran ).

Ok the only errors i have right now is it sais it cant find the file but its all set up fineā€¦