menu_plugins not loading...

I have my menu_plugins folder with some small scripts, but they don’t load.

Sorry, I don’t know what other info I can give.

Have you Reinstalled Garry’s Mod? Did you buy the Pirated Version? If you have bought the pirated version, you should get the one that’s on STEAM. Because the pirated version is completely useless.

If you have G-Mod on STEAM, you can reinstall it and then validate it’s game files (Once it reinstalls.) Let me know if this has helped you. This is common, and you aren’t the only one having it, i assure you. :smile:

Sure, because people buy pirated products.

Anyway, will try re-install.

Didn’t change anything…
Does anyone elses work?

What are you trying to run? Keep in mind you have to require any module you plan on using.

I’m currently using a script for gmcl_disconnect (by coldfusion) and the scripts for gmcl_extras (by blackops)