Menues and all turning the wrong way? Front to back

Hi fellow gamers.

I’m currently having a very strange problem.

Normally, when you type in a text box, that field is in the FRONT. In the first layer towards the user.

Well my garry’s mod has turned front to back;/

When i’m typing in a text box its hidden away behind the other “windows” such as console ect.
I’ve linked to a screenshot i took where i’m trying to change my spray logo. Look for it in the back.

I’m sorry, but the screenshot is in danish;p but you should get the point.


ANYONE have an idea what the hell i’m suppose to do to solve this problem?

I would like to google it…but i have absolutely no idea what to google^^

Thank you very much.

I have uninstalled Garry’s mod and even steam. Didn’t help either.

This happened to me too. No one seems to know what to do at all… it’s incredibly frustrating…

Steam keeps old game files to use in the future if you uninstall it.

To Fix:

  1. Unistall GMod from your steam client
  2. Goto your steamapps folder, Delete garrysmod folder.
  3. restart steam.
  4. uninstall Source SDK
  5. Delete all Source SDK files from steamapps folder
  6. re-install Source SDK
  7. Re-install Garrys Mod
  8. restart your PC
  9. Enjoy a fixed game :smiley:


**I have uninstalled Garry’s mod and even steam. Didn’t help either. **

-dxlevel 90

add that to launch options. Problem solved! :slight_smile:

Straightupb’s solution works, thanks!!

Sadly i have to set my resolution manually^^ By the -w 1680