MenuStyles.dll and Menu/Context Menu Broke'd.

So the last time I was playing Garry’s Mod was on the SpaceAge server, doing Spacebuild 3 stuff, and when I was there, I noticed my Q Menu had completely black portions of it. The boxes containing the tools names were blacked out, same as my spawnlist/entities/weapons section of my Q menu. I soon crashed on that server (SB3 amirite?) and ended up returning on Gmod today. I hit the q menu and kaput, nothing happened. AT ALL. I checked my binds. Yep, q and c were still binded to +menu and +context_menu(or +menu_context).

I started scrolling through my garrysmod/garrysmod folder, looking for what might have caused it. I came across a file called MenuStyles.dll. I’m thinking if I delete it, Gmod will reinstall it on startup. If anyone can help at all, please post suggestions and such.

Don’t leave me with no q menu, Facepunchers. :frowning:

EDIT: I was reading through the help section, and someone mentioned something about nocollide world causing this. brb…

I have this same problem. when i hit q my menu wont show up and when i hit tab for to see who is on the tab wont go away can someone help me plz???