Mercati Fu'lant and the Black Moons Society [Intro]

The introduction of Mercati Fu’lant (pronounced mer-katee foo-launt) and his mercenary group the Black Moons Society. As usual I wasn’t too sure which edit was better (though I put the ‘recommended picture’ up and the other in media tags).

Fun fact: Nine layers of tattoos… Took about two hours to get just right.

And for those who haven’t followed the story thus far and are curious as to what all this is about, here are my previous threads.

Urulozan’s Discovery:

The Epiphany of Celesticu Fortifar and the Discovery of The Vortessence:

Vortigaunt Myrmidont Taming:

Kunetuk Mu’hei:

Colonel Mejshrafir Shi’lutoi:

seriously? every time i see a vortigaunt i expect to see a giant, flopping cock wave from in between his thighs, fully erect of course. am i gay?

though i’d just share that tidbit of info

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in other news; good writing style. i’m not a fan of the story itself because i don’t go for that kind of shit, but i have to say that you’re at least competent at writing. thumbs up to that, bro.

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That is the most touching comment I’ve ever had from you. :allears:

sorry; i’m a realist.

thanks for your utterly worthless comment, however - thanks for making a post that has absolutely nothing to do with the op


i’ve read so much BULLSHIT in my life to never expect any amateur fiction to be good or captivating in any way. like those text-based japanese ninja roleplayers? they’re all illiterate - just like real japanese people. except they’re not japanese. they’re english speaking. and they fucking talk about eating ramen and drinking sake even though they’re not even old enough to drive

it’s like, you take lack of common logic out of them completely and they write the blunt facts and add in as much pointless detail to the surroundings rather than any kind of character emotion or activity as possible and completely stray from any plotline, and the way the write it is absolutely horrendous. it’s like looking at feces on paper - and then they go and start making anime faces and typing japanese words and EUGHHhhh fuck ben don’t be like those faggots - don’t.

i don’t like you but you’re one of the only people here who i’ve ever seen make a coherent and interesting story along with a decent picture.

…and a homosexual furry. Congratulations.

As for the actual edits… They are very artsy, I like them.

“oh hey i’m going to stereotype.”

too bad i’m not, 0v3rkill. i bet you’re one of those self-loathing furries that has to call everyone out as one simply so you don’t direct attention to yourself. i see past your ploy. go jerk off to renamon before you make an idiot of yourself


no seriously ben this is pissing me off. DON’T turn your writing style in to shit. you could actually make a best-seller if you continued to write like that. it’s natural, seems to flow easy, and keeps the reader entertained. don’t let that kind of talent go to waste. you don’t have to use it to write fiction, but use it for something

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That looks awesome.

actually tell me how you did the tattoos

you know you can just turn the picture of the vortigaunts in to a displacement map and use it to displace the tattoo texture/brush/vector/bitmap and it’ll pretty much wrap around on its own.

How do you do a displacement map and what is it?

I don’t know what’s funnier… The fact that you’re trying to be serious, or that you flamed because I called you a furfag.

I know what you mean man.

In fact, I have no idea what the fuck you’re talking about.

are you serious? make me mod and i’ll teach you

you know what 2.5d is? it’s best described in zbrush - it is a 2d picture with a 3d height map on it that extends only on the Z axis. that means that you can create a 2d painting in zbrush and change the lighting to whatever you want and it will apply shadows and highlights and everything based simply on the heightmaps.

displacement maps follow pretty much the same thing, except that instead of having a dynamic light, you have a dynamic wrap around the displaced image. for example; you can take a picture of a wavy silk bed sheet and turn it in to displacement map and then displace a flat, simple-colored flag such as this and it will pretty much texture the silk bed sheet with the flag, and the flag will contort based on the levels of lighting and will perfectly wrap around the sheet. the sheet then looks like a wavy flag.

i’m too lazy to write a tutorial

wow here’s one that i found 10 seconds in google and is based on a flag (haha)


i don’t know what’s funnier; that i’m right or that you continue to try to pretend that you have no idea what i’m talking about even though i’m right

oh man that’s crazy. I’ve gotta try that.

I appreciate the comments, and at the moment esepecially yours 5omeone.

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actually if you watch the movie CHOKE, that’s like me. i’m like sam rockwell. except i don’t have sex with everyone i meet and i don’t purposely choke myself to get attention and money.

it’s a tear jerker if you understand what it’s like. i swear. i cried like a baby because it pretty much summarized how i felt. not, like, the whole movie obviously because it’s irrelevant to my life, but the confession scene between sam and kelly macdonald left me in tears

you haven’t seen it so i’ll summarize: sam likes likes this girl, kelly (his name is victor and she is paige. that’s their stage names. but stage names are for queers. i’m going by their real names) and she seems to ignore him. he thinks that she’s the doctor taking care of his ill mother and she offers to have sex with him and he’s like AWW FUCK YEAH but totally can’t get it up. at all. because he’s in genuine love and you can’t just fuck someone that you genuinely love, right? exactly. so he can’t get it up and she’s like AWW WE HAVE TO DO THIS and then later he finds out that she’s not actually a doctor but some psych ward patient who told people that he was the messiah and a bunch of psych ward people started worshipping him and he goes batshit insane and pretty much hates her and is confused and she comes out with the truth and says that his mother always talked about him despite having alzheimers or some shit and how even though she was this total bitch that kidnapped him in the first place and lived off of theft and whatnot, he stayed by her side. then she confesses that she didn’t believe any of it until sam actually showed up to see his mom and she realized that it was the truth and that right there is what fucking blows my mind.

it’s one of those things that you can’t really understand unless you have had a prior experience with it. it was pretty good, though. lots of sex scenes and dumb humor that doesn’t make you laugh. i’d give it a C except the acting was absolutely wonderful and that’s what counts

Nice work on the tats.

oh except i forgot to mention that i totally don’t give a shit about her. i’m just stating that she’s as cute as a button. totally worthless as a contribute to society.