Mercedes-Benz 280 SE (W108 - 1970)

You people in the WIP thread have already seen this, but I think it deserves a thread. Once a friend of mine is done updating a tool I use for capturing video of cars while driving, you’ll have to live with some pictures.
Some development info, I started in about October on building this. Then I made the front and realized I had fucked up majorly because it was 350 props. 33% of the car was 350 props.
Then I gave the thing a rest, picked up on it a tad later, optimized and finished it a week or so ago. Or well as finished as can be, still updating when I discover something new it needs. Anyhow, onward with some pics.[/t]



Also has an opening bonnet, the engine in there is a 2.2l straight six ACF engine.

Probably the car I’ve spent the longest time on in GMod.

Probably your best one too.


Definitely a lot better than some of my other cars, such as that green 600. This is also quite a few props more, but this is probably the best I’ve done, yeah.
Might be a while before a video, dealing with some issues here and there.