Mercenaries are Employed by General


Generals face looks a bit odd, otherwise, nice pose!

The normals on the general are horrible. Seriously bad.
The weapon models suck too - just use some hexed FPSB ones instead of these trashy MW2 models.

Everything else is nice enough, although not very interesting.

Why would mercenaries wear expensive looking suit trousers and shoes when they’re working? It would be unpractical and just stupid.

didn’t you saw rich guys?
those guys are two of them

The General’s face looks weird…

good,but Shepard’s face…look like…LOOK LIKE A TOY!
Where you get that models?

I don’t think that rich mercs would wear expensive clothing in a war zone due to the risk of getting them all dirty and ripped.

Boring as hell

Shepherd’s face looks like decaying meat.

That magnum model looks sexy.

Time to rip another movie reference…
“Hey guys, you are carrying too much ammo.” “Fuck off!”

I agree. :frown:

can you really just get employed like that?