Mercenaries are fighting against their enemies

generic again
just edit practice

you bastard. :3

Hmmm a lot of space is wasted in the chaos of a gunfight and although looking good, the effect of the bullet travelling through the air is overused, other than that, it’s a nice generic picture.

Protip: tracers only ignite about 100m from the muzzle, and burn out at about 1000 :pseudo:

You should really consider editing fire and effects on separate unique layers, the tiles on the wall ended up butchered.

If you’re talking about the blur following the tracer, that’s called heat haze and is natural. :eng101:

Also cool picture bro.

In fact you can actually see the distortion a bullet (tracer or not) leaves if the conditions are right and you’re in the right position relative to the weapon that fires it :pseudo:

The bullet’s heat haze produces something like a clean distortion
That’s more like smudge tool to the right, out of a tracer that shouldn’t begin immediately after a gun is being fired.