Absolutely love it.

got plenty going on in it

I love the fact that you’ve put so much stuff in the scene and yet it doesn’t feel like it’s cluttered in a bad way.

Awesome work, swebro! :slight_smile:

Amazing work.

Man that UBCS guy is out of place xD
“Anyone have any idea what game I’m in??”
Excellent job!

Wow very nice, I love seeing what people do with scenebuilds in tight spaces.

needs more focus, the characters - excluding the beanie guy - are a garbled mess. with cluttered armor designs like that you should try to bring out their silhouettes more.

Lovely atmosphere, especially the energy can drinks in the top left and the chips on the floor add a nice macho-soldier feel to it.

The facehugger is da best.

Thanks guys, it really cheers me up when people actually like my stuff.

[sp]I love y’all <3[/sp]

Pretty nice

holy shit didn’t even see that

This is glorious.

Awesome as hell, kinda reminds me of the new gaurdians of the galaxy move for what ever reason, btw, what map/prop is the ship used?

The map is called gm_black and the ship interior is from Lt_C’s shuttle pack.

I was also curious, how’d you go about lighting the interior of the shuttle?

I, uh, placed one light bulb in the ceiling and one in the cockpit then put a few lamps at various places.

Please forgive me i’m terrible at explaining things.

Oh, no problem, I’ve gotten the gist of it anyway. Thankyou mate!

thanx bro :smiley: