Merchants and Nomads

"Welcome, welcome! Glad you could make it, humans. We are in dire need of the new weapons…"

(All in-game with some post-proccessing, feel free to take a crack at editing.)

C&C please!

Edit by Dark:


Edit by Prototype:


Edit by Jimmies:


its nice overall, although i could use some more in the middle/background area, rocks/grass/props etc. but i really like it!

Very excellent scenebuild buddy :slight_smile:
Here I gave a whack at it:

Looks great for being edited ingame.

Looking very great I love the art direction. Maybe some dust editing would have made this even more stunning.

Also is it just me or are the AA issues? Also could have used some SDoF.

Thanks, will think of that next time.

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Thanks. :slight_smile:

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Thank you much swebro!

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Thanks,as for the editing i’m not really experienced with GIMP/PS and that’s why there’s only post-proccessing.
As for AA issues i have no idea, SDOF could’ve been a good idea if it wasn’t for the fact that ropes disappear if the focus is too close.

i think you should’ve made the sky a much more saturated blue, and then used that to have pale blue light coming from above and stronger yellowish orange light reflecting off of the sand from below or to the sides. just makes for a more interesting contrast imo

Didn’t think of that, thanks for the suggestion.
What about the whole scene itself, did you like it?

Apart from being a tad empty, it’s a great scene. Noice/10.

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Is NikouT doing characters AND weapons?

I love the scene, seriously. Like it feels like something out of a futuristic novel.

I feel as if it could really have benefited from some colorful rimlights though.

Thank you, yes, he is working both guns and characters.

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Then i accomplished my goal, thank you.

yeah, it’s very nice. lovely posing and composition

Added some edited versions to the OP, thanks alot Dark, Prototype and Jimmies!

I like it, but the dudes with the crates looks a little bit stiff imo.

Other than that, nice work!

Very very very good, I love sci fi stuff.

Thanks swebro! :slight_smile:

Yes, the robots were a bit hard to pose but i think they turned out okay.

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Thanks man, appreciate it.