Mercs 4 Hire TTT 24/7 UK Server

Hello to you all!

Over at M4H after the owner of the clan realized just how epically amazing GMod is, especially with all the addon’s & gamemode’s etc, he decided to get a server for the sole use of TTT.

On this server we are proud to say we are 100% Vanilla. No mods, no bullsh*t. Just straight up paranoia. :clint:

Our Ethos

[li]We strive to make peoples stay on the server as enjoyable as is physically possible[/li][li]All we want is to have a fun time and laugh our asses off.[/li][li]The more the merrier[/li][li]No mic ninja’s please[/li][li]Just have fun[/li][/ul]
We hope all that join will want to come and play again. So on that note here is the Server info:



We use all maps from this pack:

Any others you can get from the FastDL.

Also, once the user-base increases over time, we will be on the lookout for more admins, so keep your eyes peeled!

Last thing, we look forward to making many new friends and just having fun!

As in the CSS team M4H?

Yes. We are a multi-gaming clan also.

Interesting take on things, I guess we do need more vanilla servers.
Good luck!

Garry’s mod is slowly dying to be honest. Theirs not really any new game modes ever out which are available for everyone because they are either really hard to set up or you have to buy them from some dodgy dealer.
If we actually didn’t have Expression 2 on servers with wire it would be a lot better.
Anyway back on topic.
Well it looks like a good community, good luck.

Oh right just because some guy on my friends list is tagged as [M4H] so guessed it was same community.