Merging Colors

Hello Everyone. Right now I am trying to setup a donator function, so if you donate you get a merging colored name on the scoreboard. I have this code:

if SERVER then


   function tobiasColors(ply)

		if (ply:SteamID() == "SteamID Here") then 

			local r = math.random(0,255)

			local g = math.random(0,255)

			local b = math.random(0,255)
			return Color( r, g, b / 10)



 	hook.Add( "TTTScoreboardColorForPlayer", "tobiasColors", tobiasColors )


But this makes their name flash, not merge colors. Any help would be appreciated!



What do you mean by merge colours? Elaborate.

As in they fade into each other.


TTTScoreboardColorForPlayer runs every frame, so you can’t set the color to random inside that hook.

You could try using a timer to randomise nr, ng, nb every 5 seconds, then inside TTTScoreboardColorForPlayer you could add or subtract 1 from r, g, b until they were the same as nr, ng, nb.