Merging Communities


We are a small community called “XRolePlay” aka X:RP, and recently we have had some issues with our player-base being low. Therefore, we are currently looking for another community to merge with.
We opened around October 3rd, but since then our player base has dropped and we are now looking for another community who may be in a similar situation.

General info:
We have 7 staff members.
We have a purchased license of Xenforo, our forum software.
We currently have a good dedicated server, which is hosted by OVH.
We have a few custom scripts for our server which were customly made for us.
All donations go to the community, we do not take any money from the donations!
We have a coder which codes us custom scripts!

Our website is:
Feel free to add me on steam if you wish to talk about a merger!

note: We are talking about a DarkRP Server.

So you want another community to advertise for you and they don’t get anything in return?

What are you talking about?
Meging communities is when you take 2 communites and ‘combine’ them togather, thus usually the playerbase of both communities will be combined togather.
Obviously, the staff team in both communities will become the same staff team…

Ah another one of these threads. I’ll make my usual offer. I will give you $30 just to redirect it for the traffic. Fantastic deal, I highly advise you take it.

You will lose creative power by doing this. This would not work in practice.

what do you mean by creative powers?

Your ideas might conflict with their ideas

You’d be better off just keeping your server by itself but spicing it up to draw in new people.