Merging Communitys Into ONE BIG COMMUNITY

So its come to my attention that there is a bunch of people here promoting their servers and there community’s. I think its great to try and grab some new people to play with and enjoy the game together on a great server.

But the thing is, there’s is thousands of these small community servers with maybe 10-20 people in their server at peak. And its hard to recruit people to come play when the server is that small. Its unfortunate because people want their servers to take off!

So what I’m proposing is to see if any community’s want to merge into something even bigger. Bring your community name. Let’s make a multi community server. Instead of competing and trying to get a lot of people on a server we can merge to be successful. We would add your community to our site and even set up a forum section for your community.

I think its a great idea. Some will disagree, but at the end of the day if bring in 5-6 community’s our server will be #1.

You guys let me know. I’m open to all ideas.
Thanks for checking out the post :stuck_out_tongue:

People host their own server because they enjoy doing it. They want the server setup the way they want to play, with the mods they want. Some people enjoy smaller servers.

“Merging” servers would be a total gong show. I doubt you will find 5 servers that all want the exact same settings.

I disagree. There’s 4000+ servers. It could be the norm for just a regular PvP Rust Server. And we can always adapt.
Thanks tho Mr negative. Good morning to you to :stuck_out_tongue:

In my opinion 20-30 people active at a time is about as much as a server needs. The map isn’t really big enough to handle much more without resources being scarce. On a server with 40-50 people online throughout the day, my friends and I could hardly get more than three stacks of wood after hour-long searches.

So this might be a good idea if the resources = population, otherwise no.

Ya but at 70-100 people things get competitive. I think it’s a great idea.

TBH when you play on a 40+ server the survival feelings starts turning into a deathmatch experience. Seeing houses/shacks and people around every corner doesn’t rly add to the postapocalyptic scene.
I think they’ve done this on purpose tho just as a stress test but with 128-300 max player counts the map def needs to be 4/5 times bigger then DayZ’s map for example

dblock, i used to play on your server actively. But it kept stuttering, lag every day and constantly had to be rebooted which lead to c4 dupping and item dupping abuse. THEN the server constantly kept getting ddos attacked or whatever it is… Causing it to crash and you couldn’t log in. Sorry man I tried your server and it was just bad… I’ve been playing on a bluesteal server now for about a week and NEVER had lag yet or a crash that wasn’t “game related” and not server related.

Bottom line D… is as much as i appreciated you guys actively banning hackers, other server do it too and have a great connection without all the crashes… Combining more “communities” onto your server would just be bad… get yours running first so that none of that crap happens and i’m sure THEN you can worry about combining these “communities”

You can blame FPSplayers services for that. I have a new host and server. None of that crap happens anymore. Ya ill admit it was a garbage server. But we’re up and running like butter these days. Zero restarts in over a week unless I have to update a mod. But I guess this wasn’t a great idea lol. It’s cool

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NO but uhh thanks… although this was not really topic related… GOOD to know! :dance:

I have actually discussed this with a fellow server owner…we both have small communities and wish to grow, but its pretty difficult to do…good idea

Let me know !!


I could probably browse through the list and find a few servers running the same settings right now. Especially if the servers are simply “vanilla only”.

But I could see people getting argumentative over who has leadership rights.

To me, it sounds like you want to make a big community with little effort as it has already been done for you.

Sounds like your deaf =p
Not at all. Just seeing if other communitys want to work together.
Not trying to cause baby mama drama brobama=p

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Why would him being deaf affect his ability to understand your post?
Being deaf means people can’t hear things.
Blind is they can’t see things, which would probably affect his understanding of your post.

I agree with Chessnut on this one.

Never mind communities but merging two server saves would be interesting and useful to some admins. What happens when two buildings overlap on same space?

So much hate…dude is obv messing around trying to form something. If you don’t agree why even post?
I think it’s a good idea

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are you posting with 2 different accounts?