Merging models

How do you merge a model into another? e.g. I have a gun but I cannot make a magazine, I have a magazine I have made but not saved into the same file as the gun. How do I get the magazine into the gun? uhhhhhh in blender…any help is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Export them as something (like SMD) then import both into the same place, thats how I do it in Milkshape anyway (but i’m sure theres an easier way to do it :P)

Any idea for blender though?

Try what I said there, other than that I don’t know if theres a merge files option lin Blender ike in Milkshape (which i’ve never bothered to use, as the way I said there works fine).

If you didn’t get what I meant, I mean you export the gun model as one SMD file and you export the magazine as another (make sure to do both as reference SMD files when asked). You then open a new space (probberly file -> new, generally is) and import both the SMD files you just made into it. Then you line them up how you want and then export as a single SMD (reference) for a non-ragdoll/non-animated model or add your bones and anims to it (if you want to export anims do them as sequence SMD when asked).

That make more sense? (I hope it does :S)

Yeah, thanks. You’ll be seeing a new model soon.