Merging two ULX commands


I would like to create a ULX command that merges “unban” and “banid”. So, I want to put the SteamID of a player in, and it should firstly unban him, then instantly ban him again for as long as I put in (like you put in a normal ULX BANID).
Would this be possible, and how?

Thank you.

Why would you need this? There is probably a better way.

If you’re doing it to try and update a players ban, it already updates their ban if you just banid them.

No, when I try to re-ban a banned user, it says “User is already banned.” We use gBans to store our bans.

I want this command to extend bans easily.

Copy their steamid, remove their info from the ulx data bans folder, re-ban them.

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If you’re talking about transferring the old ulx bans to the new gbans database

That has nothing to do with what I am asking, sadly.

Just call ULib.unban() inside of the existing banid.

This would work, but isn’t OP just asking to just edit the ban time technically?

Yeah, thats what he was asking for but I have no idea what gBans is, so I gave him that answer as it seemed to be the easiest albeit the cheaty way out.