Merry Christmas From The Aslyum


Merry Christmas video section.

I was expecting batman,

I didn’t get my wish


Why are all your videos so dark, it’s just shit

(User was banned for this post ("This isn't constructive criticism" - Benji))

They are dark, Tom’s got that right. Sunny Days I can’t say was very ‘sunny’ either, Lol.

Didn’t somebody already incorporate the asylum map into a christmas video?

Drunkard you must not know about rainy days.

Lol. I so need to remake that map. 2nd one I ever made. Needs overhaul. Also merry christmas to you.

Sgt.Sgt if you remade that map it be very great for me, seeing I make a series that takes place in that map.

What are you, 12?
Do you have any understanding of whats around you?

Anyway, A late Merry Christmas to all. :smiley:

As I said before… WHY DID YOU USE A COMBINE?

I mean I tought you gonna use some custom made content to stand out of the masses… you could download simkas NYPD cops but NOOOOOOO you use a COMBINE!!!


why would a NYPD cop be in a asylum as a guard.
If you want to DMGaina, skin me a prison guard, I also never said i would use custom content to stand out, I just wanted a custom skin so it looked better.

Grim times at Dr. Kleinberg’s mental hospital.

yes very grim Uberslug…
I plan if i can actually get the series off the ground again, make a episode where DR.Kleinberg gets murdered…

Its look nice Evil christmas :smiley:


Next time, try making something less dark

Don’t come back to whine about being banned, post in the RC.

Batman’s servant 'ere.

You called his work shit. Use a different word next time.
And why should he make them less dark, ScoutKing like’s to make films that way.
Like how David lynch make’s weird and dark films, or how michael bay likes to make silly over the top action movies.
Is it that difficult to understand that different directors have different styles that they keep to?

He should expand his horizons and go in a new direction

I did.