Meryl Silverburgh - Metal Gear Solid 4

Meryl Silverburgh - Metal Gear Solid 4

Included in this pack is Meryl, from MGS4. Two versions actually; the standard Rat Team edition with full bodygroups and also a bonus Army servicedress uniform version that is more or less an accurate-sh recreation of what’d be fitting for her job/rank, given what is known about the character.
Also included is her trademark desert eagle. No bodygroups, but it is rigged, so pull out that joint tool!


Valve Biped rigging - playermodels (+viewmodel hands) and built in animation libraries, plus bloocobalt’s enhanced citizen physics
L4D FACS Faceposing - HL2 Phoneme exrtraction is fully functional in SFM. I added a few minor strerio flexes for additional tweaking.
Complex eye Shaders featuring components from MGS4’s eye shader
Bodygroups for the vest, patch, backpack, bandana, knife holster, pistol holster, and side ammo pouches. The service dess version has bodygroups for the beret, badges, and pistol holster.
Detial textures and some top notch material definition.
Jigglebones - the hair has 6 additional bones, the earring is rigged to three bones, and the backpack is also jiggleboned. The procedural micro movement looks nice on the playermodels.
The desert eagle prop shares a root bone with the one in the left leg holster for easy parenting in SFM.



(2nd - Ninja_Nub, 3rd - RustledJimmies, 4th - Xanatoast, 5th - FT)

Garrysmod Workshop
SFM Workshop
Direct + Source files (max 10+): OneDrive


Konami - base model
thistheend - Port from game
wraithcat- base outfit for service dress
Bloocobalt - physics, female hands on service dress
xanatoast, Ninja_Nub, RustledJimmies, and F T - preview images/testing
Lt_Commander - everything else

Fugtrup just got an idea.

Cool model man

If it’s possible it’d be neat to have the balaclava she and some of rat patrol wear when they first get introduced as a bodygroup.

Here’s your medal!

There was meryl, but there shouldn’t never been a johnny and meryl. Great release

It’s actually a second head that was kind of layered on in a hacky way, almost like a mask. I scrapped it really early on, sorry.

Amazing release LT_C, great work. I always look forward to new Metal Gear Solid related model releases!:smile:

Thanks Lt_C your models are always amazing!

Oh God…excelent Ragdoll…Excelent…thank for make this, thanks…

Great work!

Cool release!

Easily one of the best Gmod releases of 2014. Well done.

That’s a nice solid snake.

That’s a cool release, as usual Lt_C ! :dance:

Rev up those action scenes.

Armstrong also got released.
Also, we need a better ragdoll of Snake. The best one we really have is the model from Brawl. It would be great if someone ported some of the Peace Walker models to the Source engine.

Beautiful work mate! Just loving it.

mint release LT