Merzbro's/Rambo_6's gamemodes broken for anyone else?

Right now for Toxsin and Radioactive Sandbox, it appears that the gamemodes are pretty much broken. Like when joining my own server, I have to re-download all the content I described in the init.lua, and when I finally join…I’m automatically in spectator, I can hear noises/music/see npc’s and hear radiation meters going off and such, but I can’t actually do anything but fly around the map. When I hit tab, it shows that the gamemode is in Garry’s sandbox mode. And this only happens with Merzbro’s gamemodes. Others work fine.

Anyone else having this problem?

Similar problems.

In rad sandbox, after around 15 mins of gameplay, sometimes less, the game becomes unplayable. People cannot drop items, join factions or see their player models. Weird stuff.

Not sure what you guys are on about. I’ve been using ToxSin and haven’t had any problems with it.
If there really was a problem I’m sure the console would explode in error, so if it does post the code.

It’s probably just you.