Mesa Invasion Gamemode

[release]**Introduction: **

Before I even say a word about this gamemode, I have to state that I’m no real LUA coder and this gamemode barely got off the ground, but I’m willing to do this on my own if nessecary, but that will include me, spamming the forums with a crapload of questions. So, if someone is willing to help me with the code, It’d be gladly appreciated. I figured this would be a good way to learn the language. Anyway, I’ll try to give you an as detailed as possible description of what it should become.[/release]
[release]Short description of the Gamemode:

The Mesa Invasion gamemode will be based on the concept behind the Invasion Gamemode featured in Unreal Tournament 2004. You are an employee of the *Black Mesa Research Facility *and you must survive through (10 instead of 16) waves of monsters (most likely zombies in this case) that are assaulting the facility.

Inferior to Invasion in UT2004, this version of the gamemode’ll rely heavily on teamwork. The classes that are featured in this gamemode will have great benefits if they cooperate. One class must protect the other and the other can support the first. Also, a ‘money’ system will be (hopefully) implemented to enhance the cooperation between players, which I will explain later on. Lastly, a buy menu where better weapons and armor can be purchased. Lastly, a radar where nearby monsters can be seen, will be added[/release]
[release]The Classes:

Guard: Pretty straightforward class. These players are the security guards of the Facility as seen in Half-Life:
[ul]They have slightly more health (120) than a regular player (Citizen Class). [/ul]
[ul]They are equipped with a gravity- and physgun, a pistol, a knife and armor. [/ul]
[ul]As a disadvantage of all the equipment, their running speed and sprint time is slightly decreased.[/ul]
[ul]They are the only class that can wield heavy weapons such as heavy machine guns and RPG’s.[/ul]

Scientist: This will probably become the least chosen class because of the disadvantages the class has, even though they are very valuable players:
[ul]These players have less health than others (80). [/ul]
[ul]These players are only equipped with a physgun and a knife, but they have a toolgun (with limited options, ofcourse)[/ul]
[ul]As an advantage to that, these players can run significantly faster and can sprint longer. [/ul]
[ul]They have the ability to heal themselves and other players. This would be in the form of a SWEP. [/ul]
[ul]They can craft various items such as armor, melee and ranged weapons. [/ul]

Eployees: The neutral class. This class has no real benefits, and no real disadvantages.

[ul]These players have a normal health (100) [/ul]
[ul]They are equipped with a crowbar and physgun. [/ul]
[ul]Running speed and sprinting time are default. [/ul]
[ul]These player cannot wield heavy weapons either. [/ul]

[release]The Wave System:

The procedure of an Invasion game is simple. At the start of the game, players get 2-3 minutes to prepare themselves for the waves and they also have a small start value of Kudos. In the meantime, players can take position in the map and fortify it with props, but this is pretty restricted because the monsters need to be able to destroy the barricades, or else the players can camp forever. Then the waves start. The first wave will consist of classic headcrabs and the occasional fast headcrab. Waves don’t end over time, all the monsters need to be killed. But this brings the problem of the last headcrab that’s wondering around in the map. A radar that shows nearby monsters should avoid the long search for the last monster. The second wave will be slightly more powerful than the previous and will contain a larger number of monsters. These amounts keep increasing until Wave 16.

To keep players busy, the monsters spawn in a certain range of the player and will always know the location of the players in the map (this requires good noding of the map) so you won’t be bored when a new wave starts. A whole Invasion game should last 30-50 minutes.[/release]
[release]The Money System:

Well, it isn’t really money for starters, but you gain it when you kill enemies. You gain Kudos. With these Kudos, you can purchase new weapons and armor from an ingame buy menu, but these Kudos can also be used for manufacturing weapons and armor which can only be done by Scientists.

Since the scientist can’t really kill any monsters to gain Kudos, they need a Guard to give them some Kudos, so that the Scientists can start making some guns. The advantage of this cooperation between Scientist and Guard is that the price of the crafting a good rifle for example, is a lot cheaper (50-60%) than when you would buy the same rifle from the ingame buy menu. This should encourage players to work together. [/release]
[release]The Ingame Menu:

The ingame menu consists out of several tabs:

[ul]A limited spawn menu where you can spawn props to fortify your position. [/ul]
[ul]The Item Shop where you can buy weapons and armor. [/ul]
[ul]A list of STOOLS that can only be accessed by either Scientists and/or Admins. [/ul]
[ul]An admin menu.[/ul][/release]

[release]The Website:

KevinCon was so awesome that he made a website for the mode. The adress might move to a .com domain if some people’d be so nice to donate after the release, so we can implement better features and perhaps ingame access to the website. Props to you, Kevin![/release]

HUD is almost done:

New Derma!


If you can help me with coding all this, please, send me a PM or add me on Steam - BlackJack0


I added you to friends. I’m uber busy right now with my own gamemode and exams, but if you ever need code help or troubleshooting or just ideas, I’m happy to help :slight_smile:

This sounds awesome.

So that’s what you were posting in the map pimpage thread. Sounds great, like the teamwork ideas.

Appreciated Fizzadar. :3:

Hurr, some progress.

-Simple Kudos script set up; you now get Kudos when you kill an enemy. Killing more powerful enemies means more Kudos!
-Coded a Glock 20. This’ll be the starting pistol for the Guards.

Still messing around with the random spawning of NPC’s. I need a way to set a limit to the amount of spawned NPC’s each wave.

Amazing. This will be the best game ever. How many players will normally be on a server?

What if there are players that want to join? Do they wait 60-90 mins till a new wave starts?

Is the money saved?

  • Certainly not more than 20 players
  • If a wave is progress when you join, you wait untill other players have killed all of the monsters, then you join.
  • Money is not saved, since it would be unfair and you could buy the most powerful weapon from the start.

I was a member of the {TARD} Custom Invasion Clan on UT2k4.
This’ll be interesting. Will the “official” map have the Moving Trams?

I’d like to help out with the LUA scripting/modelling/texturing. There’s pretty much nothing I can’t do with LUA, I’m a pretty cool guy and I’m Dutch.

And on top of that we’ve met before in the FP TF2 server. :v:

Run down stairs and grab my smokes off the table USING ONLY: lua…

nothing eh? seems i found a weekness!

I can do that…

In-game that is. :v:

Haha, do you happen to be Belastingsvoordeel? Or Crude? :v:

Voor belastingsvoordeel hoef je niet meer naar Monaco!

Oh lol :v:

Currently messing around with Derma and such. SWEP base is done.

The F1 Menu so far:

This looks awesome man! I always knew whatever you did would be awesome.

The “You have xxx Kudos” text is going to bee hard to see. Is it possible to give the text an outline/stroke?

Will there be a wave of marines trying to kill you?

Yay, I’m on it! :3:

The HUD and the Kudo display are only placeholders, I just put it there to see if the money system worked. Everything’ll be nicely put in a fancy HUD. (along with the help of Snakeface)

I’m seeing this as zombies with guns. :v: